Elaine Horemans

I think that we have a large number, have always had a large number of very experienced spinners and weavers and historically, very highly trained—the types of people that would give workshops for other guilds, and in some cases in other provinces and internationally as well. Very, very knowledgeable people. And so having those people as mentors has just been magnificent.

Elaine Horemans joined Kingston Handloom Weavers and Spinners to broaden her knowledge as a new spinner. She's been an active member for thirteen years. She quickly befriended another fairly new member at the first meeting she attended and was more encouraged to continue her membership with the Guild. 

Horemans worked for twenty years as a market gardener farmer. As she became more interested in spinning, she began sheep farming and has been raising and breeding sheep since 2012. 

She's been involved with the Guild in many capacities. She's given workshops on spinning, working with wool, and knitting with multiple colours. She not only participates in, but also organizes Guild events such as the Sheep-to-Shawl competition. She has further organized Ontario Handspinning Seminar in Kingston on behalf of the Guild on two occasions.

Elaine Horemans talks about her practice on spinning dog hair, influenced by another Guild member

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Elaine Horemans' Guild Challenge Project 

Elaine Horemans' Scarf