Michael Longford

Michael Longford has been a member of Kingston Handloom Weavers and Spinners for six months. His interest in fibre arts and textiles developed naturally—his mother was a weaver, spinner, knitter, and quilter, who was always working on something in her studio. A graphic designer and sculptor, Longford was attracted to the tactile nature of textiles, as well as their graphic quality. 

He recently acquired a floor loom from his mother with the aim of becoming more active in weaving. He's took a one-on-one workshop with Barbara Heins to work on different patterns and a sampler. While the pandemic suspended all in-person workshops during six months of his membership, he wishes to more fully engage in Guild activities and connect with more members in the near future. 

Michael Longford talks about how his interest in weaving began from his mother as well as his background as a graphic designer.

ML Scarf 1.jpeg

Michael Longford's First Scarf on the Loom.