Ruth Macleod

Ruth Macleod joined Kingston Handloom Weavers and Spinners soon after she moved to Kingston from Glasgow, Scotland, and enrolled in a Beginner Weaving Workshop to teach her mother-in-law how to weave. She fell in love with weaving and spinning and happily continued her membership. 

Macleod has been knitting since she was five and has been interested in many aspects of the fibre arts. During a year in Edinburgh, she bought a knitting machine and machine knitted traditional sweaters for a company that catered to the tourist trade. Returning to Canada, she worked for a Swiss yarn company, hand knitting high fashion garments. She also developed a pattern writing program and gave the Guild and other groups workshops on Knitting Pattern Drafting. 

An active member for over fifty years, Macleod has filled most of the volunteer positions in the Guild, from cleaning woman to President. Frequently during her interview, she spoke of the pleasure being part of the Guild has given her. Currently, she weaves at a studio with a group of friends and teaches weaving to her granddaughter. 

Ruth Macleod shares teaching weaving to her granddaughter and the joy of it.