Barbara Heins talks about coordinating programs with Beth Abbott that promoted both social and educational activities in the Guild 

Various programs have sprung from the Guild and connected members through their interest in fibre arts. Barbara Heins, who has been a member of the Guild since 1984, initiated programs that fostered creativity as well as knowledge among the membership. She explains the types of programming she has organized along with other members, including Beth Abbott, over the past twenty years and what that experience was like. 

Barbara Heins talks about initiating study groups in the Guild as well as the yearly Guild Challenge. 

Study Groups and the Guild Challenge are some of the main ongoing activities Guild members participate in to stimulate their fibre activities. The evening study group for weaving has expanded since it was first initated by Barbara Heins, and the Guild Challenge now motivates Guild members to carry out a project every year. 

Barbara Heins explains what Guild Challenge is

Once a year, KHWS members participate in a Guild Challenge, where they produce an item around a given theme. The theme and judging criteria are announced in the fall and  members present their items the following spring. Throughout the months, various programs are coordinated to promote and inspire members' creativity. Prizes are donated by the members who have fibre-related businesses.  

Elaine Horemans's description of Spinning Day

Nancy Carr's description of Monthly Spinners Get-Together

Spinners of the Guild gather for a spinning day once a month to socialize while spinning together. As this event moved from members' homes to outdoor parks during the pandemic, it has become an attraction for the public and an opportunity for the Guild to engage with the Kingston community's curiosity as well. Elaine Horemans often participates in Spinning Days and she talks about the educational aspect of it as well as the social beenfits. Nancy Carr, who hosts November Spinners Get-Togethers at her house, also explains what the activity involves. 

Spinning Day in Lake Ontario Park on June 19th, 2021